Ecommerce Boxes

Ecommerce platforms like Amazon and Alibba sold a lot of products during the Covid19 pandemic. After that people got to know about online business and they started investing in it. With the rise of ecommerce, the demand for ecommerce boxes went to a next level. According to the recent study, the ecommerce packaging market is expected to grow from 53.35 billion dollars in 2024 to 104.19 billion dollars by 2032, at a CAGR of 8.73%.

Products like hand sanitizers were the best sellers during the Covid. They were shipped all over the world.  The following image can describe the hand sanitizer market size. The following image can describe the hand sanitizer market size.

hand sanitizer market size

When it comes to brand perception, it is all about the unboxing experience. If you pack and deliver your products in durable and attractive packaging, it can satisfy the customers. You can get positive reviews and feedback on the basis of your product packaging and safe delivery.

Benefits of Ecommerce Boxes

Ensure Safe Product Delivery

When a customer orders fragile products like candles, jewelry, cosmetics, glasses or gadgets online, they expect it to arrive in perfect condition. Custom printed commerce boxes fulfills their expectations . They are extremely strong and designed to protect the items inside from damage during transit. This means that even if the box gets bumped around on its journey, the product inside stays safe. Additionally, many online stores use custom inserts to give extra protection. This not only ensures the safe delivery of products but also builds trust and satisfaction among customers, encouraging them to continue shopping online.


Whether it’s a startup or an established business, everyone wants to spend less and earn more. They use different techniques to reduce their cost. When it comes to packaging, customized ecommerce boxes wholesale are cheaper in terms of price as compared to other packaging options. You can get ecommerce boxes bulk at discounted prices. The best part is that you don’t have to pay the shipping expense.

Eco Friendly

Custom ecommerce boxes are usually made with corrugated, kraft and cardboard material which are 100% sustainable and recyclable. Customers around the world appreciate biodegradable packaging because the plastic packaging waste has damaged the world brutally. The only way to tackle this issue is to quit non sustainable packaging and move to sustainable practices. In this way, we can make our planet a safe place to live.

Customer Retention

Online customers have trust issues, it is very difficult to impress them. They are scared of scams and receiving damaged products. As a result they return the orders and leave negative remarks on your website which damages your brand reput. Opting for high quality custom printed ecommerce boxes with logo help you gain the loyalty of potential customers.

Endless Customization and Marketing

Custom printed ecommerce boxes with logos are fully customizable. You can change their shape, style and sizes. From small to subscriptions boxes and big cartons, they are available in bespoke sizes. Additionally, you can place your brand logo on them so that your customers can recognize you. Apart from the logo, you can mention details about your business including the address, website link, contact information and features of a particular product.

Types of Ecommerce Boxes

Ecommerce shipping boxes are available in a wide range of varieties. Some of their common types are mentioned below:

Standard Sizes for Custom Ecommerce Boxes 

  • 8x8x8 
  • 9x9x9 
  • 15 x 15, 14 x 4(Flat Boxes)

Material Options for Ecommerce Boxes

There is a plethora of eco-friendly materials to produce custom boxes for ecommerce. These materials are highly durable, which reflect the excellence of a product. You can choose the following materials for the boxes as per your requirements.

  • Kraft: it is often used to produce mailer boxes
  • Corrugated: it is commonly used to make shipping boxes
  • Cardboard: This strong, lightweight material is used in all types of boxes.

In short, custom ecommerce boxes play a big role in online shopping. They protect the product, promote the brand, and enhance the customer’s experience. They come in different types and materials to suit different needs.