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Custom Printed Apparel Packaging Boxes with Logo

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Apparel boxes for packaging are the backbone of fashion industry. What people notice right away the moment they come across your product is the packaging. Customers buying decision entirely depends on how you present the product to them. You have an opportunity to make a lasting impression on the audience through a thoughtfully designed box.
Whether you are concerned about impressing your audience or protection of your products, custom clothing boxes are the ideal choice. They can help you stand out from the crowed and grab all the limelight. Investing in high quality packaging is a wise strategy to increase sales and get maximum revenue. Compromising product presentation can damage your brand image and leave you far behind in the competition. If you are ambitious to achieve your business goals and want to see your brand flourishing then choose cardboard boxes for apparel products.

Apparel Boxes

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Types of Apparel Boxes Wholesales

These boxes are available in a plethora of designs shapes, styles and sizes. You have the freedom to choose the right one that meets your requirements.

Flip Top Apparel Boxes

Flip top boxes are one of the most unique designs of boxes for apparel. They are easy to assemble and unbox. They save both time and effort. Their elegant and sophisticated design draw more eyes on your product and persuade customers to buy them.

Folding Set up Boxes

When it comes to attracting customers with a premium packaging solution, these boxes are the go to option. These stylish boxes are consist of two piece, the lid and the base. You can store in flat shape and assemble them to pack shirt and other products.

Hinge Lid Apparel Boxes

If you need a perfect blend of style and practicality then look no further than hinge lid boxes. They are com0only used to pack shoes, and watches. You customize them in bespoke designs, colors and sizes. To improve their visual appeal, you can go for ribbons, bows and other embellishment ideas.

Rigid Apparel Boxes

Rigid boxes are the luxury packaging options, commonly use to pack perfumes, wrist watches and other expensive apparel items. They are the perfect choice for gifting purpose. They are also available in different sizes to accommodate different products.

Advantages of Apparel Boxes

Top apparel brands of USA give special attention to their packaging boxes because of following reasons.

Apparel Boxes Wholesales are Cost Effective

Buying apparel boxes in bulk help you get massive discounts and save huge amount of money. Retail prices are high and you have to separately pay for the shipping each time you place an order. On the other hand, when you buy wholesale apparel boxes, you have to pay less.

Apparel Packaging solutions are Durable

These boxes are known for their exceptional durability. They are made with top notch materials like cardboard, Kraft and chipboard that keep your content safe from potential damage.

Life line for Brand Image

Another practical advantage of personalized apparel boxes with logo is that they promote your brand. Instead of investing huge amounts on marketing, you can attract the audience with custom boxes for apparel.

Apparel Boxes are Sustainable

If you want to represent the positive image of your brand then nerve compromise on sustainable packaging. You can showcase your efforts to keep the environment clean by using ecofriendly apparel boxes. They are also recyclable so you can use them for other purposes.

When it comes to choose an effective strategy for attracting customers, preconized apparel packaging is the ideal one to rule the fashion industry. You can gain the trust of your potential customers by presenting your latest collection in eye catching boxes. You can make your brand grow without breaking the bank.

Yes, you can make it, but if you want bulk quantity, you should find one of the best custom packaging companies in town. Bulk quantity will help you to

  • Save packaging material
  • Material loss
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Postage/shipping fees less

The biggest benefit will be the brand recognition. If your business uses its designed boxes, it will get more loyal customers and repeat orders from them.

Yes, UPSP and all major carriers accept custom boxes without any issue.

Yes, custom packaging box is very stable business type with good ROI.