Custom Corrugated Mailer Boxes

Shipping the product safely is one of the main concerns of almost all the brands. They do not want to spoil their first impression through an unpleasant delivery service. Most of the ecommerce brands, retailers, and companies across different industries rely on custom corrugated mailer boxes to ship their small and large orders. As the name suggests, these custom corrugated mailer boxes wholesale are made with corrugated material which is popular for its moisture resistant, shock absorptions and sustainable properties. 

Around 80% of the consumers in the United Kingdom prefer sustainable packaging solutions. That is why all the industries like cosmetics, apparels, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, toys, and CBD are switching to sustainable packaging. They are striving to meet customers’ expectations and their requirements. Unless their audience is not satisfied, they cannot succeed. 

Apart from durability and sustainability, another feature which makes them an ideal packaging solution for shipping is their customizable nature. They allow you to alter their shapes, styles and sizes. From, roll end shipping boxes to two flap ecommerce boxes, fully overlap shipping boxes, auto bottom mailer boxes,  telescope product boxes, custom white corrugated mailer boxes and a custom corrugated bookfold box, you can design every type of packaging solutions as per your product needs. To enhance the security of the content inside, you can opt for ear locks or tab lock mechanism. These user friendly opening mechanisms  improve customer experience.

Moreover, with us you get the freedom to select the material, color pattern, printing techniques and premium finishes to add a flair to the interior and exterior of the shipping box. At we offer several complimentary services such as free design support and consultation that help you create excellent product boxes according to your vision. Additionally we serve our valuable clients with 3D mockups, free samples, fast turnaround, competitive prices and free shipping across the country. So what are you waiting for, place your order with us and get the top notch custom mailer boxes at the lowest price. 

What are the Standard Sizes for Custom Corrugated Mailer Boxes? 

Custom printed shipping boxes with logo are a versatile packaging solution. They are used to ship fragile products like candles, glassware, home decor items, apparels like perfumes, wrist watches and beauty products like face creams,and food items. All of these products require a perfectly designed packaging box that fits each product snugly. 

Here we have some of the standard sizes for custom corrugated mailer boxes; 

  • Small Box:  12 x 12 x 12 inches.
  • Medium Box: 18 x 14 x 12 inches and 24 x 18 x 18 
  • Large Box: 24 x 18 x 24 inches 

What are the Top US Brands that are Using Custom Corrugated Mailer Boxes with logo? 

The main factor behind the  success of the top American brands is that they give great value to their products and the customer’s experience. They use branded custom corrugated  mailer boxes to deliver their products because the quality of these boxes resonate with their brand values. Their customers have shown positive feedback regarding their product packaging. Customers are becoming more conscious of sustainable practices that’s why they highly regard the contribution of these brands towards keeping the planet clean and pollution free. 

These boxes serve as a mobile billboard for the brands which promote their product wherever they travel.

Here we have some of the leading US brands that are using Custom printed corrugated mailer boxes with logo:

  1. Amazon
  2. Apple
  3. Nike
  4. Blue Apron
  5. Birchbox
  6. FabFitFun


In short, custom corrugated mailer boxes are the finest choice to deliver all types of products across the world. Whether you sell cell phones, laptops, auto parts, apparels like scarves, t-shirts, ties or perfumes and food items like pastries, cakes, burgers, pizzas or any other fragile product, the ultimate packaging solution is custom corrugated mailer boxes wholesale. You can get them in bespoke shapes,sizes and colors. From custom white corrugated mailer boxes, to die cut mailer mailer boxes and mailer boxes with handles, every type of box is available. 

If you are in search of custom corrugated mailer boxes near me then here is the solution. is a reliable online packaging wholesaler where you custom order corrugated mailer boxes at affordable rates. We offer attractive wholesale deals with significant discounts to help you grow your business without exceeding your budget. 

To further cut your cost, we offer additional features such as free design support, free samples, 3d Mockups, consultation, fast turnaround and free shipping across the country. 


What is a corrugated shipping box?

A corrugated shipping box is made with corrugated material. It is known for its exceptional durability, versatility and sustainability. 

What is the difference between cardboard and corrugated boxes?

A cardboard box is made with a thick paperboard. It is used to make product boxes for various lightweight products like cosmetics, jewelry, apparels, toys etc. it is also durable and sustainable whereas corrugated boxes are made with triple layers of materials which makes them more stronger and durable than cardboard. Due to their added strength,.they are used to ship heavy products. It is also one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly packaging options. 

What is the difference between a mailer and a shipper box?

Mailer boxes are made with corrugated material, commonly used for mailing purposes. In other words, they are used to ship products while shipper boxes are not primarily used for shipping. Shipper boxes are less durable as compared to mailer boxes and they are mainly used to display products on the shelves. 

Why are mailer boxes so expensive?

Custom mailer boxes are so expensive because of  their high quality sustainable material. The other cost includes, manufacturing process, international shipping charges, labor cost, and complexity of customization or branding requirements. Your selection of premium finishes and additional features increase the overall cost.

What is the purpose of a mailer box?

The main purpose of mailer box is to securely store and ship products for delivery. These boxes protect products from damage during transit due to their durability. Mailer boxes also offer a customizable surface for branding, making them ideal for enhancing the customer unboxing experience. They are widely used for e-commerce, subscription services, and retail businesses, ensuring products arrive safely and professionally to customers.