Custom Packaging Rigid Boxes

Products that connect with customers’ hearts, and give them a reason to make their purchase, never fade in a competitive market. To bring your products to this level, you need custom packaging rigid boxes because they have all the qualities and features to make a product the best seller. There are many industries like Cosmetics, ApparelsJewelry, Toys, Gifts, and Electronics ets that are using different types of premium packaging like packaging rigid setup boxes. These boxes are made from 36 to 120 pt chipboard or cardboard which makes them more durable, and stronger than ordinary or regular cardboard boxes. It is their sturdiness which makes them resist heavy external pressure, heat, moisture and air. 

So, if you are selling delicate products like candles, glassware, sculptures, bottles, smartphones or expensive items like bracelet, rings, and gemstones, double layer packaging boxes  are the go to option. Another key feature of these boxes is that you can customize them in any shape, style or design as per your personal taste, market trend and product need. In order to build an emotional connection with your audience, you can add fascinating themes, artworks and images in this way, customers can relate with your brand, its value and story.

Custom printed rigid boxes with logo serve as a powerful marketing tool for your business. You can select luxury finishes and top notch printing techniques to add your branding elements to the boxes. The brightness and clarity of your logo and other textual data grabs customers attention instantly. Wherever these boxes travel, they promote your brand, reducing the need of billboards, ads and digital promotion. You can save a massive amount of money with our branded luxury rigid boxes

There are different types of rigid boxes available including  magnetic rigid boxes that offer a glamorous appearance and innovative unboxing  two piece rigid boxes for easy opening, rigid boxes with window for a sneak peak view of the product, rigid boxes with lid, and many more. Each style of the box inspires your customers to become your regular buyers.  Due to their luxury appearance, they are widely used for gifting purposes. On special events like weddings, christmas eve, birthday parties and corporate events, people use rigid box for flowers to express their affection, love and gratitude to their loved ones.  

So, if you are looking for a bespoke sustainable rigid box for candles and even for autoparts at affordable rates, then reach out to rigid box manufacturers near me, which is none other than With us, you can have several compliant services such as free design super, 3D mockups, free samples, consultation, fast turnaround and free shipping across the country. 

What are the Standard Sizes for Custom Rigid Packaging Boxes?

Size of the box is a major part of product presentation and unboxing experience. Imagine, a customer opening a rigid box for perfume which is larger than the size of the perfume bottle. It doesn’t give a good impression.  It shows that the brand doesn’t value its product. So, if the company itself is not sincere towards its offering, how would a customer attract them? So, it is very important to select the right size for your retail packaging solutions and other product boxes. Here are some of the standard sizes we offer for Custom packaging. 

Small: 5 x 5 x 2 inches

Medium: 10 x 8 x 4 inches

Large: 12 x 12 x 6 inches 

What are the Top US Brands that are using Branded Rigid Boxes? 

Brands in the United States care a lot about customer experience. They always keep their eyes on what customers think of their products and how they perceive their brand. When it comes to sending products, they use high quality shipping boxes. People feel satisfied while receiving their favorite product in secure packaging. 

Similarly, when it comes to displaying the high end products in an appealing way, they prefer custom luxury display boxes because they enhance the perceived value. Additionally, these boxes are made with sustainable and 100% biodegradable material which attracts the eco conscious costumes. Research shows that above 70% of the consumers favor sustainable packaging and they are even willing to pay for it. 

Here is the list of some of the leading US brands that are using rigid packaging boxes.

    • L’Oréal: it is one of the most popular beauty brands not just in the US but across the world. They use sleeve rigid boxes because they offer a sleek and elegant presentation to their fragile items like makeup palettes, skincare sets, or gift sets. 
    • Chanel: Perfume lovers are familiar with Channels rigid box for perfume featuring an iconic design that reflects the brand’s elegance and sophistication, ensuring a luxurious unboxing experience.
  • Tiffany and Co: Being the leading jewelry brand in the US, Tiffany pays great attention to their product security and presentation, that’s why they wrap them in rigid box with lid. 
  • Barefoot: It is one of the top wine brands in the US and they are relying on rigid box for bottle to safely deliver their products. 
  • Nike: if you are joggers enthusiasts, you must be a fan of Nike. What inspires you to buy the latest collection? It is surely the high quality hinge lid rigid boxes. 
  • Apple: Apple is the top Tech brand across the world and they play a key role in the popularity of two piece rigid boxes. They are still using these premium packaging boxes to launch their new versions of Apple smartphones, wrist watches and ipads. l


In short, custom rigid packaging boxes are the ultimate packaging solution to make your products stand out. They combine luxurious aesthetics, durable materials, sustainability, and personalized packaging design options to enhance both the presentation and protection of your products. 

Whether you are a startup, a retailer or an established brand, we are offering the most affordable wholesale packaging solutions. Despite keeping the prices low, we never compromise on the quality of our rigid boxes. We make sure our packaging solutions meet the highest standard of quality. So what are you waiting for, place your bulk order with us and start a memorable packaging journey with the leading rigid box manufacturer 


What is a rigid box?

A rigid box is also known as a set up box, made with a thick cardboard material. Rigid boxes are used for high and fragile products that require luxury and secure packaging. 

How to make a rigid box?

The first step to make a rigid box is to cut the paper or chipboard in desired size and shape. Then fold the sides of the chipboard to form the base of the rigid box. After that apply the tap or glue to secure the walls of the chipboard. The next step involves printing the substrate layer which is wrapped around the walls and lid of the box in the final step. Here you have your personalized rigid box. 

What is the Difference between Rigid Body and Box Collider?

A rigid body is a solid and durable entity that can bear all the pressure and still doesn’t change its shape, while a box collider is a collision detection component.  Whenever an external force hits the rigid  body, the box collider detects that object as a rectangular or a box-like shape. 

What is the Difference between a Rigid Box and a  Corrugated Box? 

Rigid boxes are made with durable chipboard and cardboard material. They are commonly used to pack high end and fragile products that require luxury and sturdy packaging. On the other hand, corrugated boxes are made with corrugated material and they are mostly used for shipping purposes. That’s why they are known sas shipping boxes as well. 

What is the meaning of rigid box?

A rigid box is a type of custom packaging. The term “rigid” in rigid box emphasizes that the box maintains its shape and does not easily bend or collapse under normal handling or weight.

What is rigid box packaging?

Rigid box packaging is a type of premium packaging made from 36 to 120 pt chipboard or cardboard. There is a custom printed wrap which covers the exterior of these boxes. Due to their sturdy construction, they don’t fold or collapse like regular folding cartons. 

What is the best material for your rigid box packaging?

Cardboard and chipboard are the highly recommended material for custom rigid box packaging. 

Are rigid boxes expensive?

Yes, rigid boxes are expensive as compared to regular cardboard boxes. There are several factors involved which makes them expensive. Firstly, these boxes are made with thicker and sturdy cardboard and chipboard which is expensive, secondly the labor cost and the use of premium finishes increase their overall cost. You can control the price by selecting less expensive finishes design options and buying them in bulk, 

What is the name of rigid box?

Rigid boxes are also known as set up boxes and gift boxes. 

Where are the rigid boxes used?

Rigid boxes are used across different industries such as electronics, tech, apparels, cosmetics, gifts, jewelry, automotive and many more.

What is a setup box in packaging?

Set up box is another name for rigid boxes, consisting of a base,tray or a lid and cover.