Chocolate Boxes

Brands are putting their heart and soul into being the best in the market. They are working hard to make their product boxes look good. Why? Because a nice looking custom printed chocolate box can persuade and convince customers to buy their product. It helps increase maximum customer engagement and generate massive revenue.

Companies understand the importance of product packaging. They want their products to look unique and appealing. Their main goal is to showcase their product in the most attractive way possible through custom chocolate boxes. In a way, the packaging of the product is a form of promotion and marketing.

Advantages of Custom Printed Chocolate Boxes

Making Products Stand Out

When a customer steps into a marketplace, they always look for a product that best meets their needs. The packaging plays a big role in creating an impression of the product. Since the customer can’t see inside the box, the packaging creates an instant impression. Custom chocolate boxes help your products get noticed and boost your business in the marketplace.

Ensuring Chocolate Safety

Chocolates are typically made with a liquid material. If you compromise on the quality of their packaging, they can lose their taste. That’s why it’s recommended to store chocolates in cool places to maintain their thick texture for a long time. They need special care to stay fresh. Custom chocolate packaging ensures your chocolate product gets the protection it needs to stay fresh. You can choose the material that suits your needs and save on extra shipping costs used for product protection.

The Beauty of Custom Chocolate Boxes

Everyone appreciates beauty! Sometimes, the packaging of a product grabs a customer’s attention more than anything else. Custom printed chocolate boxes allow you to create a beautifully designed and themed box for your chocolate that would attract customers. The designs and themes can vary from product to product. It gives you the flexibility to decorate your chocolate box according to your needs and your customer’s satisfaction. Not all chocolate boxes need to be simple and plain in design. For example, kid’s chocolate boxes could feature cartoons to attract them, while bright-colored elegant looking boxes could appeal to adults. Meanwhile, older people might prefer a simple-looking box, because simplicity is an art in itself.

Eco Friendly Packaging

Non sustainable packaging waste has polluted the environment and caused the rise of global warming. Now brands are utilizing every possible way to protect the planet. They are addressing this issue through packaging of their products. They have started using eco-friendly chocolate boxes to not just boost their brand image but also to spread awareness about environmental issues.

Custom Chocolate Boxes for Valentine Day

Valentine’s Day is a special day for couples and friends. They often show their love, affection and care for their loved ones by sharing chocolates and sweets wrapped in beautiful gift boxes. You can choose a design that reflects your feelings for your loved one. For instance, you can select a heart-shaped box or a box with a romantic theme. To make it even more special, you can add colorful ribbons,bows and palace heartfelt letters inside. The chocolates inside are a sweet treat, but the custom box makes the gift even more memorable. It shows that you put thought and effort into choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Popular Chocolate Brands that Use Custom Chocolate Boxes

Crude Raw Chocolate

Crude wanted to show that their product is pure and organic, so they decided to go with natural, raw packaging design. They use corrugated cardboard boxes with a perfect contrast of metallic foiling which makes the overall packaging stand out.

Utopic Chocolates

They believe that less is more, therefore they use minimalistic design of packaging for their chocolates. Sophistication and simplicity in the design is enough to demonstrate the quality of their product.

Jolly Good Nutcracker Chocolate

They use a custom printed cardboard chocolate box to present their chocolates. The box has a monochromatic design which is completed with black and gold foil stamping.

Types of Chocolate Boxes

There are different types of custom chocolate boxes. Some of them are mentioned below

  • Assorted Chocolate Boxes
  • Tuck End Chocolate Boxes
  • Two Piece Chocolate Boxes
  • Window Chocolate Boxes
  • Chocolate Gift Boxes

These boxes are customizable, so you can alter their sizes according to your preferences and product needs.
In short, custom printed chocolate boxes are a piece of art that attract everyone. Selection of material, color patterns and images convey everything about the brand. They are also the perfect option for gifting purpose.