Burger Boxes

When it comes to fast food, burgers are second to one. They are one of the most widely consumed food items in the world. Popular brands like KFC offer a wide variety of burgers. They use custom burger boxes to pack, present and deliver their products. These boxes are made with premium materials like cardboard, Kraft and corrugated which provide supreme protection to the content inside. These boxes also keep the burgers fresh and warm for a long time.

The customized burger boxes also provide an excellent opportunity for branding and advertising. With your logo and design on the box, it becomes a mobile billboard. When brands deliver an order, their identity travels alongside. Due to their customizable nature, brands often make changes in their packaging according to the trend. They add engaging elements on the boxes to interact with their audience. It keeps them ahead of their competitors in the market.

Benefits of Custom Burger Packaging Boxes

Savior for the Environment

Packaging waste damages the environment. It causes increase in pollution which affects human health. To reduce carbon footprints, it is essential to use eco-friendly packaging solutions. It builds a positive impression in customer’s eye. Just like other part of the world, people in UK are eco conscious. So if you are running a fast food chain there, you should use Custom burger boxes UK. They are completely safe for the environment because they decompose in a very short time. They will attract your customers and leave a lasting impression on them. They perceive a good image of your brand.

Custom Burger Boxes Boost sales

The ultimate aim of food brands across the world is to boost their sales. They use several strategies and techniques to achieve that. One of the most practical techniques is to use customized burger boxes in the USA. All you need to do is to keep yourself updated to the social media trends and customize the boxes accordingly. In this way you will grab all the limelight. For special occasions like Christmas Eve, Women’s day, and Independence Day you can add relevant themes on the boxes. It shows that you care about your valuable customers.

Brand Awareness

Marketing is the backbone of a brand. If you don’t focus on branding, you will disappear from the market. If you need better sales and customer engagement, you should use custom made burger boxes with logo. They represent you in the market and let people know about you. A logo, tagline and brand name are the key element that grabs customer attention when they receive a parcel. Additionally, it adds more value to the authenticity of your product.

Cost Effective Packaging Solution

Another main reason to choose custom burger boxes wholesale is that they are cost effective. You can place bulk orders with us and enjoy discounts. Additionally, you don’t have to pay the shipping cost. Another benefit of custom burger boxes bulk is that you can keep your business streamlined. Keeping your order delivered on time, earns you a significant place in the market.

Types of Burger Boxes

There are various types of custom burger box options available. They are lightweight and easy to carry anywhere.  The most common ones are mentioned in the following.

Standard Dimensions

The burger box custom dimensions usually range from 4x4x3 inches to 6x6x3 inches. However, you can customize the size according to your preferences.

Material Options

The material options include cardboard, Kraft paper, and corrugated cardboard, all of which are sturdy, durable, and eco-friendly.

Printing and Finishing Techniques

Printing is one of the main elements of packaging. Clarity and resolution of packaging depends on the printing technique. If the quality of printing is high, it will attract the customers and they will perceive greater value of your product. Some of the common printing techniques are mentioned below.

  • Offset printing,
  • Digital printing
  • Screen printing

Premium finishes enhance the visual appeal of custom printed burger boxes. They not only make the boxes look attractive but also improve their durability.  Each finishing technique serve a particular purpose. For instance, if you need a shiny effect, you can opt for gloss lamination. While matte lamination is an ideal option for a sophisticated look. Additionally, spot uv, foiling stamping and aqueous coating brings a touch of elegance and charm.

We provide complete freedom to our clients. You can select any material, printing technique, type of box and finishes for your desired order.  If you need any guidance, our expert designers are there to help you.

Popular Fast Food Brands Using Custom Boxes

KFC: KFC is one of the leading fast food chains that regularly use custom burger boxes. They cited that these boxes are eco friendly and their customers love them. Clamshell box is the type of packaging they commonly use.

MacDonald’s: MacDonald’s is one of the top burger brands in the world. They are also one of the leading users of customized burger boxes US. They also use clamshell boxes to pack their burgers. Gable boxes are their common choice for drive through.

Burger King: Burger king also uses a unique style of clamshell burger box.

All the top food brands across the globe believe that customized burger boxes made with eco friendly materials like cardboard, paperboard, corrugated or Kraft are the best choice. They take it as a contribution to save the environment from pollution.

5 Simple Steps to Place Wholesale order:

Place Your order Via Email or Whatsapp: Share your requirements and specifications via Whatsapp or email regarding the type of custom burger box you need. Our efficient customer support team is available 24/7 to answer your queries.

Verify Your Required Box Design or Art Work: The next step is to verify the burger box design. You can share your thoughts about the design. We change the design according to your preference because your satisfaction is everything for us.

Make Payment for Your order: Moving forward, you have to make payment for the bulk order. You can make payment through any method available near you.

On Schedule Printing: Right after receiving the payment, we schedule the printing and designing process.

Free Delivery at Your Door Steps: Here is the best part, we offer free delivery helping you save shipping cost and enjoy a memorable experience working with us.


Do You Offer 3D Mockup Design for Custom burger box?

Yes! We do offer 3D mockups so that you can share your artwork with us. You can get your own artwork printed on the box.

What is Your Delivery Time?

We deliver your order within 8 to 12 working days. In case you need an urgent delivery, we can make it possible for you.

What Printing Method You Use for Custom Printed Burger Boxes?

We offer offset printing, digital printing and screen printing for the box.