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History of Rigid Box Packaging in the Modern Market

Rigid Boxes, as the name suggests, are stiff and robust. Also known as ‘Set-Up Boxes,’ they are the most common type of product packaging. They are the best products in the world of packaging. Rigid Boxes are exclusive for selling luxury products. Several brands and companies demand rigid box packaging for their high-end or fragile products.

Rigid boxes are sturdy and solid material with multiple layers for classy coverage of luxurious products. These boxes are durable, sturdy, and thicker than the folding boxes. Made with a combination of Cardboard, Paper, chipboard, and plastic, these rigid boxes boost your product and brand value. Rigid box packaging is a versatile and durable solution for product storage and shipping. 

These strong boxes have an affluent history, dating back centuries, and have developed with industrial progression to meet the constantly changing requirements of different businesses.

Origins of Rigid Boxes:

Rigid boxes date back centuries. We can find the use of sturdy rigid boxes back to early civilizations. Ancient Egyptians used wooden boxes and containers to pack and protect valuable items. 

Wooden boxes remained popular during the Middle Ages, but with the progress of civilization and the industrial revolution, rigid containers and boxes came into being. 

Packaging and storage solution industries changed the manufacturing process of rigid containers and boxes over time.

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Industrial developments have played a significant role in the evolution and manufacturing of rigid boxes. The advanced machinery and tools have considerably raised the production of these containers. 

Who invented rigid boxes?

More precise information regarding the rigid boxes invention must be given, but it’s a mystery. In the present era, the “iPhone” boxes set the standard for rigid boxes by their box worth.

When rigid box packaging was begun?

Initially, mobile phone companies started using rigid boxes to package and ship products. Top manufacturers gradually started using rigid boxes to protect and store their products. 

Modern Techniques and Advancements Enhanced the Packaging Industry: 

Modern manufacturing techniques include computer-controlled machines and skilled workers, guaranteeing accurate and reliable box production and reduced costs.

Moreover, with the innovation of new materials, the possibilities of rigid box manufacturing are increasing. , Cardboard corrugated board and chipboard are the primary and most popular materials for the manufacturing of rigid boxes because these materials are durable, have vital flexibility, and are ideal for incorporating visual appeal.

Basket Rigid Box

Rigid box manufacturers in the world:

The packaging solution market is full of potential manufacturers worldwide. India and China are the leading centers for manufacturing high-quality rigid boxes, and that too at low prices. 

Besides these two countries, high-class and quality rigid box manufacturers in Pakistan and the USA offer outstanding platforms for creating unforgettable unboxing experiences. 

Custom-made Rigid Boxes Made:

The demand for rigid boxes is increasing with the advancement of new techniques. Many brands prefer these boxes for storage and delivering their fragile, high-end items to customers worldwide. 

A large number of manufacturers are providing custom-made rigid boxes to various industries. Brands and businesses can contact them for the customization of product boxes. These manufacturers create and design boxes that match their brand image and product needs. 

Customization options for rigid boxes comprise innovative designs, embossing, foiling, size, shape, color, graphics, cutouts, and finishes, allowing businesses to generate exclusive and visually appealing packaging.

Benefits of Rigid Boxes:

There are many benefits of using rigid boxes for product packaging, and they are more advantageous options than other types of packaging.

Rise of Eco-Friendly Material

People produce a million tons of garbage yearly and don’t recycle it properly. Therefore, many countries and businesses are concerned about environmental protection and have started using recycling materials for greener impacts. A large number of campaigns make people aware of recycling trash through the introduction of recycling and reusing bins.

In recent years, box manufacturing has also shifted to eco-friendly materials to reduce their environmental impact.

Usually, cardboard and paperboard manufacture rigid boxes because these materials are made from recycled fibers.

These recycled materials help to reduce deforestation and minimize waste. 

Moreover, manufacturers are searching for different materials, such as biodegradable plastics and plant-based fibers, providing renewable and compostable selections.

Recyclable and Reusable Rigid Boxes:

Due to lamination, that is, the thin layer of the plastic film, we can’t make it 100% recyclable. Apart from the small lamination, the remaining box material is recyclable. 

On the other hand, the rigid boxes made of Kraft-based are 100% recyclable, compostable, and reusable. Many cosmetic and beauty product brands choose this rigid box type for their packaging, which needs a long shelf life.

Luxury Rigid Boxes for Luxury product:

Luxury brands prefer luxury packaging for their high-end products. The packaging of luxury boxes appears appealing and professional. Premium rigid boxes are in demand and the most favorable of brands for packaging luxurious items.

Rigid box with Magnetic Closures

These boxes are available in different shapes, sizes, and designs. These boxes mostly come in rectangular shapes with trays and cushions to hold the product securely and prevent damage.

Many rigid box manufacturers are available in the market, providing luxurious rigid boxes based on different materials. 

The luxury rigid boxes are available in different materials like metal, cloth, wood, plastic, paperboard, etc. Customers have various rigid boxes, for example, two-piece boxes, telescopic boxes, hinge lid boxes, shoulder neck boxes, stiff sleeve boxes, and other basic types. 

Moreover, they come with different frictional seals, ribbons, ties, magnetic closures, and mechanical locks. Some manufacturers offer rigid boxes with and without inserts, depending on the box type.

Consistent and Sturdy Product Packaging:

Unlike other product packaging boxes like cardboard boxes and foldable cartons, rigid boxes are robust for the packaging and safety of fragile items. Rigid boxes best use their hard material and shield luxury items.

Cost-Effective Packaging Boxes:

As per their shape, these boxes look very expensive but cost much less than you thought. The costs of the custom-made rigid box depend on the demand and packaging features. It will cost you more if you want extra customizable design, printing, and luxury features with your rigid boxes.

Which industry uses a high number of rigid boxes?

Various industries use rigid boxes for their products’ safety, storage, and delivery.

Mobile phones, perfumes, consumer gadgets, boutiques, decorative candles, jewelry, food, and beverages use many rigid boxes. The mobile phone industry is the top consumer of rigid box packaging, with 98% of such products packed.

The Apple packaging exemplifies how a brand can succeed with that design. A rigid package is a simple but stylish feature of Apple’s iPhone packaging. Apple also uses high-quality rigid boxes for different products, such as the iPad, Mac Mini, Mac Book Pro, and Apple Pencil.

What do we offer?

Packaging is crucial for every company; customizable rigid boxes are becoming famous daily.

At Customboxguru, you can personalize your rigid boxes with various customizable options. We design high-quality premium rigid box packing for our customers. We create custom-rigid boxes with high-quality materials, graphics, logos, colors, and finishes that promote your product’s aesthetic value. 

Not only this, but you can make your product exceptional for your clients by adding engraving and embossing with several graphics and exclusive pixels that highlight the artwork to your custom rigid boxes.

Our fully customizable, custom rigid boxes offer a deluxe unboxing experience. You can stamp your brand logo and key message on the packaging of your product to improve your brand awareness in the US market.

To Sum Up:

In this article, we have compiled the complete details of the rigid box, its origin, history, and technological advancements in the industry of rigid boxes. Rigid boxes are continually evolving to meet the needs of various industries, and technological advances have transformed the manufacturing process, allowing increased customization and efficiency. 

With the world’s progress, the future of rigid box wholesale embraces immense promise, with sustained advancements in customization and the seamless incorporation of technology. 

The worldwide global rigid box market is becoming a great need in the future. The value of rigid boxes is too high because of their high-end protection and safety. Apart from safety features, these boxes are cheap, helpful, and recyclable.

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